Guide On Keeping Wasps Out of The Greenhouse

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Guide On Keeping Wasps Out of The Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse, you know that you will have to deal with wasps sooner or later. If you find that your greenhouse has become a popular hangout spot for wasps, then maybe it’s time to deal with the issue. 

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Due to our line of work, we know all there is to know about them, and one of the questions we face mostly is how to keep wasps out of the greenhouse and thought we’d address the issue. So without further delay, let’s check it out!

Why Are Wasps Attracted To Greenhouse?

Wasps can be attracted to your greenhouse for a plethora of reasons. Here are three of the primary reasons why wasps are attracted to greenhouses:

  1. There are other insects in your greenhouses, e.g., other insects that wasps feed on.
  2. There’s drinkable water in your greenhouse that the wasps need.
  3. They are looking for shelter or have already built a nest in the greenhouse.

Now, simply ensuring your greenhouse doesn’t have these reasons to stay, you will easily be able to deter wasps hanging out in your greenhouse. As long as there’s isn’t already a nest inside, dealing with wasps will be easy.

How To Keep Wasps Out of The Greenhouse?

Simply killing off wasps won’t tend to be the leading cause of the problem. You must adopt better and innovative solutions to ensure the wasps stay away from your greenhouse. Here is what you can do:

  • Make sure there isn’t any reason for wasps to come to your greenhouse like food, water, shelter.
  • Make sure you seal off the greenhouse and ensure there aren’t any entrances for wasps to get in.
  • You can set up an alternative Shelter by setting up an Insect Hotel.
  • Make sure to plant the flowers away from the entrance of your greenhouse.
  • Do not leave any sweet food in the greenhouse.

Now that you know why wasps are attracted to your greenhouse and see the gist of what you need to do, you can ensure that the wasp problem goes away entirely. 

However, before you work on these problems, you have to ensure you know what to do thoroughly. In the following passages, we will discuss all the ways you can keep wasps out of your greenhouse in detail. So without further ado, let’s check them out!

Sealing-Off The Greenhouse

Sealing off the greenhouse so that there’s no entry point for the wasps is one of the most effective, if not the most effective, ways to keep wasps out of your greenhouse. Wasps can’t burrow through walls, wood, or other surfaces to get inside the greenhouse and mess around with your plants. 

Once you’ve successfully sealed off the greenhouse entrances and boundaries, you can rest assured that you are much safer from any potential wasp attack. 

Make sure you keep checking once in a while that all the entrances are sealed off, and if not, they tend to those entrances. Also, make sure you leave space for the air to circulate by covering windows using a mosquito net.

Setting Up Alternative Shelter

If you don’t know where the wasps are coming from or if you can’t seal off entrances fully, then this is the best way to keep wasps away from your greenhouse. 

That’s where setting up an insect hotel comes in as a more lucrative option for the wasps rather than staying inside your green room. Ensure that within the alternative shelter, they have what they feed on, water, and a place to stay like a nest. 

Removing Water

The importance of water in the shelter is vital. Water is like a pool party for the wasps. Now, managing the water situation in your greenhouse is very easy. All you need to do is ensure there isn’t any standing water at any time and you are golden. Also, make sure that there aren’t any overly wet surfaces either.

Discouraging Insect Growth

Some types of wasps are highly attracted to insects. Aphids are quite the feast for wasps, so you have to make sure there are no insects nearby, and there will be no wasps either.

Moving Flowers Away

Wasps are attracted to flowers because of their sweet taste, which can make them come back for more every time. Only a few types of Geraniums and Marigolds don’t attract wasps. Otherwise, almost all other flowers do. 

Now, to ensure the wasps keep out of the greenhouse, plant your flowers away from the entrance. However, please do not remove it all from your garden as they are necessary for a healthy pollinator population.

Never Leave Behind Food

Wasps love food and insects. Unfortunately, they also love the food we eat. So make sure you never leave your food behind in the greenhouse. It doesn’t matter what kind of food it is; it will keep attracting wasps. 

Now, having wasps in your greenhouse isn’t all bad. There are some benefits of having wasps, and that’s what we will check out. So let’s check out the benefits of having wasps in your greenhouse!

Why Wasps Aren’t All Bad

From what you’ve read so far, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that wasps are pests that you can’t have in your garden or greenhouse. However, that’s not entirely true. There are a few benefits to having wasps in your greenhouse. Let’s check them out!

Good Pollinators

If you are into gardening and have a greenhouse, you have pollination requirements, which is something they can help you with. While they don’t collect pollen to transfer it between flowers, they are attracted to the nectar in flowers and make quite a valuable contribution. 

Good Pollinators - how to keep wasps out of greenhouse - Trending Up

Fig Wasps are notoriously famous for being incredibly useful for pollinating fig trees. These wasps are the prime pollinators of fig-trees, so they are entirely responsible for each other’s existence.

Pest Control

Pests and insects can damage the plants in the garden, and that’s where wasps can help out. Wasps are perfect for managing harmful insects. They keep your plants clean from all the small insects that might snack on them. That’s because wasps love eating aphids, flies, caterpillars, mosquitos, and many other pests. 

Wasps can be highly effective on greenhouses suffering from an insect outbreak. So now that that wasp isn’t all bad, that still doesn’t mean they can make a home in your greenhouse. In the following, we will talk about how you can get rid of a wasp nest from your garden or greenhouse. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Rid of A Wasp Nest?

There are several different things you can experiment with to get rid of wasps from your greenhouse, but there are some things you must not do, ever! Here they are:

  • Never mess with a large nest. Trust us, if you do that, then crazy and catastrophic will happen if you manage to knock it down.
  • Please don’t put it on fire, and it doesn’t work. 
  • Throwing boiling cold water at it doesn’t work either.
  • Whatever you do not use vacuum cleaners.

However, you can easily remove a tiny nest on a cold night. Carry the nest in a sealed container away from the greenhouse and place it in a place where the wasp won’t bother anyone. Once you’ve done that and implemented the methods mentioned above, the wasp won’t bother you anymore. 

If you see a giant nest, you should most definitely consult with an expert as you won’t be able to deal with it yourself. Once the expert has removed the wasp nest, you should look to protect your greenhouse from future wasp-colonization by sealing all the wasp doors.

Buying The Right Greenhouse

So there you go, that concludes our easy guide on how to keep wasps out of the greenhouse. As you can see, removing a small wasp nest is within your power but removing a big one is a complete no-no. Now that you know about removing wasp nests, all you need to do is set up your greenhouse. 

If you are into gardening and want to set up one inside, then Trending Up can help you out. We have carefully curated a brilliant set of mini-greenhouses that you can set up indoors. So if you are looking for one, contact us, and we’ll help you out. 

Also, if you have any questions regarding getting rid of wasps or about poly house vs. greenhouse or the objective of a greenhouse, drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials, and we will answer them all. And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for your soon. Until then, ya!